Sarah Ann Leahy


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a world premiere

Performance Network Theatre

"Forget Batman and Robin. We saw “Brill” last night...and can report that the real dynamic duo is Phil Powers  and Sarah Ann Leahy"

-Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner

"Leahy commands Margie's sweetly catty foibles and shrewd business sense, but requires increasing space for her big young character's big dynamic moments; at her most revealing, she seems to burn up all the oxygen in the room."

-Carolyn Hayes, Rogue Critic

" Leahy conveys the paradoxical mixture of bravado and vulnerability that so often typifies young adulthood..... The stage chemistry between the two, guided by director David Wolber, simply works - from moments of levity to the play’s most intense crisis points."

-Jenn McKee, The Ann Arbor News


Performance Network Theatre

Wilde Award WINNER Best Comedy

Wilde Award Nominee Best Ensemble

Rogue Gallery Nominee Best Supporting Actress

"’s Lauren who has the most inspiring and satisfying character arc, and Leahy’s work as a disaffected young woman stumbling through her first experience as a peer to adults is abundantly funny as well as phenomenally affecting."

-Carolyn Hayes, Rogue Critic

"...the Network’s cast is sound, with the women delivering some of the most memorable moments on opening night. Leahy injects an appealing, if acerbic, brand of youthful, plainspoken energy to the production."

-Jenn McKee, Ann Arbor News